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Community Paramedic

Missouri Community Paramedic Law

In 2013 Missouri signed law giving Community Paramedics the ability to function.  It legalizes the use of the title of Community Paramedic.  It allows Community Paramedics to provide services to those not eligible for home health care.  In theory, this would lower 30 day hospital readmissions.

Since this is now LAW we are past the point of support or oppose.  There is no question that this law will provide patients with access to care that they may not have previously had.  HOWEVER, we need to be concerned with exactly how this law will be enacted.  This law requires only 100 hours training to become a Community Paramedic (60 classroom, 40 clinical). 

As an advocate for our patients, we need to be concerned!  There must be a standardized educational process!
• How this instruction will be given?
• How it will be tracked and monitored?
• What are the qualifications for the instructor?
• Will they be held to any type of national certification process?
• Will it be housed in an institution of higher learning?

There are 217 ambulatory districts in the state of Missouri!  Nurses MUST be involved in the Rules and Regulations process for the well-being of our patients.  We MUST be their advocate to ensure they are getting the best care possible and educate.

This is a law so what can you do? Talk to paramedics: what do they think, are they involved, are they in favor, what is their educational process, do they feel they have the staff to support this?  Talk to Emergency Nurses: get their opinion and ask them to be involved in their local ambulance district discussions regarding Community Paramedics.

Visit the this page for updates or follow us on Facebook and keep up-to-date as this law moves through Rules and Regulations.

Get informed now and be prepared to take action if necessary!

CCS SS HB 336 Emergency Services
Sponsored by Rep. Dave Hinson, D119, Firefighter and Paramedic

(5) Allows a person to be certified by the Department of Health and Senior Services as a community paramedic if he or she is currently certified as a paramedic; has successfully completed a community paramedic certification program from a college, university, or educational institution that has been approved by the department or accredited by a national accreditation organization approved by the department; and completes an application form. A community paramedic must practice in accordance with the protocols and supervisory standards established by the medical director and must provide the services of a health care plan if the plan has been developed by the patient's physician, advanced practice registered nurse, or physician assistant and the patient isn't receiving the same services from another provider. An ambulance service must enter into a written contract to provide community paramedic services in another ambulance service area, and the contract may be for an indefinite period of time as long as it includes at least a 60-day cancellation notice by either ambulance service. A person cannot hold himself or herself out as a community paramedic or provide the services of the position unless he or she is certified by the department and the medical director has approved the implementation of the community paramedic program;

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