Hall of Fame and Past Presidents

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Hall of Fame

The Missouri Nurses Association Hall of Fame Award recognizes outstanding nurse leaders of the state of Missouri. The impact of their lifelong commitment and leadership advanced the goals of the association and the improvement of health care.


Jan Polizzi
2013 Inductee
Shirley Farrah
2013 Inductee
Marcia Flesner
2011 Inductee
Mary Ann Lavin
2011 Inductee
Irma Lou Hirsch
2011 Inductee
Carol Hafeman
2009 Inductee
Barbara Stock
2009 Inductee
Cordelia “Dee” Esry
2009 Inductee
Sharon Rohrbach
2007 Inductee
Belinda Heimericks
2007 Inductee
Ella Brown
2005 Inductee
Caroline Davis
2005 Inductee
Emma Warr
2003 Inductee
Nelle Morgan
2001 Inductee
Louise Krauss Ament
2001 Inductee
Edna Dell Weinel
2001 Inductee


The Hall of Fame award is open for nominations biennially in odd numbered years with winners announced during the awards ceremony at the the Missouri Nurses Association convention.

Hall of Fame Award Criteria & Nomination Form

Past Presidents

Term of Office (1 year)

1906-1907 Gertrude Gibson, St. Louis
1907-1908 Mabel Long Freytag, St. Louis
1908-1910 Charlotte Forreter, Kansas City
1910-1914 Margaret McKinley, St. Louis
1914-1916 Sallie J. Bryant, St. Joseph
1916-1917 Eleanor Keely, Kansas City
1917-1919 Margaret Rogers, St. Louis
1919-1921 Mary G. Burman, Kansas City
1921-1923 Mance Taylor, Columbia
1923-1924 Mary E. Stebbins, Columbia
1924-1926 Marie Bockman, St. Louis
1926-1928 Anna Anderson, Kansas City
1928-1930 Grace G. Grey, Kansas City
1930-May-Oct. Mary E. Stebbins, Columbia (Acting President)
1930-1932 Ida E. Gutschke, Springfield
1932-1934 Mary E. Stephenson, St. Louis
1934-1935 Grace Frauens, Kansas City

Term of Office (2 years)

1935-1937 Grace Frauens, Kansas City
1937-1939 Clara Louise Wright, St. Louis
1930-1941 Alma K. Zoller, Kirksville
1941-1946 Edna Peterson, Alma
1946-1947 Nelle Morgan, Independence
1947-1948 Deborah MacLurg Jansen, Springfield
1948-1951 Florence Clarke, Kansas City
1951-1955 Helen Kinney, Cape Girardeau
1955-1957 Dorothy Quicley, St. Louis
1957-1961 Mary Maxine Hurley, Gravois Mills
1961-1963 Ruby Walker, Nevada
1963-1967 Ethel Anstaett, Kansas City
1968-1970 Charlotte Hamilton, Fulton
1970-1971 Evelyn Eng, Columbia
1971-1973 Marilou Mitchell, St. Louis
1973-1977 Doris England, St. Louis
1977-1981 Shirley Martin, St. Louis
1981-1983 Marilyn Huber, St. Louis
1983-1987 Nancy Barr, Kansas City
1987-1991 Roberta Olson, St. Louis
1991-1993 Sharon Kirkpatrick, Kansas City
1993-1995 Gloria Broun, St. Louis
1995-1997 Joanne Gordon, Springfield
1997-2001 Desma Reno, Jackson
2001-2003 Susan Morgan, Warrensburg
2003-2005 Dianne Schmidt, Lake St. Louis
2005-2007 Glen Jett, Kansas City
2007-2008 Marcia Flesner, Columbia
2008-2009 Mary Berhorst, Linn
2009-2011 Jennifer Gwin, Wildwood
2011-2015 Rebecca McClanahan, Kirksville
2016-current Terry Reese, Branson