Hall of Fame Award

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Hall of Fame Award

Nurses of Missouri have pioneered in many aspects of nursing care in communities and acute care of people throughout the state. Professional nursing standards were promoted and maintained by outstanding nurse leaders in this state often overcoming major obstacles. The continued progress of professional nursing in Missouri is a direct result of nurses who have made extraordinary contributions to MONA and to the profession in general.  In addition, nurses in Missouri have made national and international contributions to the enhancement and progress of professional nursing.

The purpose of the prestigious Hall of Fame award is to recognize outstanding nurse leaders of the state of Missouri, whose lifelong commitment to the nursing profession has advanced the goals of this association and the improvement of health care in Missouri.

Hall of Fame Award Packet

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The nominee must have been prepared in a formal nursing program unless the contribution was made before 1873 when formal training was not available and must be or have been a registered nurse licensed in the state of Missouri.
  2. The nominee must have lived in, been educated, worked in or represented the state of Missouri during some period of his/her career.
  3. The achievements of the nominee must have enduring value to nursing beyond the nominee’s lifetime. (Note: Nominees for the award can be living or deceased.)
  4. The nominee must have made significant contributions to the nursing profession in clinical practice, education, administration, or organizational work involving health care or innovation in health care delivery systems.
  5. The nominee shall have demonstrated leadership in four or more of the following areas:
    1. As a pioneer, advanced the practice of nursing as a profession;
    2. Improved the quality of health care;
    3. Developed, promoted and maintained professional nursing standards;
    4. Contributed to the process for regulation of professional nursing practice in the state of Missouri;
    5. Influenced health care policy;
    6. Contributed to the enhancement and progress of professional nursing on a state, national and/or international level.
  6. The nominee must be a current, past, or honorary member of the Missouri Nurses Association.

Supporting Documentation

  • Nominations may be submitted by MONA committees, MONA regions, MONA specialty groups or individual MONA members. Nominations and accompanying materials will be treated in a confidential manner.
  • The following information should be submitted for each nominee:
  1. A completed nomination form (typed or printed).
  2. A narrative statement detailing the nominee’s distinctive work and/or accomplishments and his/her impact on nursing care and/or the nursing profession. The statement should describe how the nominee has met the established criteria for the award as explicitly and concisely as possible. Additional information about the nominee that may assist the awards committee may be included. The narrative statement should not exceed 1 single-spaced typed page with at least 12-point font size.
  3. Two letters of support for the nominee describing how the nominee has met the criteria for the award. Letters of support are not substitutes for the narrative statement and should not exceed 1 single-spaced typed page with at least 12-point font size.

Optional Supporting Documents

  1. Curriculum vitae or biographical data, detailing educational background, work experience, publications, community contributions, honors and awards.
  2. A photo of the nominee; 5×7 preferred (please contact MONA office for guidelines).

Evaluation Process

The Hall of Fame Award Committee reviews all nominations and recommends a nominee for approval by the MONA Board of Directors.

Award winners will be announced during the MONA Membership Assembly.


Nominations and supporting documentation must be submitted by September 1.

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Past Hall of Fame Award Winners