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Any person licensed to practice as a registered nurse in at least one state is eligible to join the Missouri Nurses Association (MONA).Because MONA believes all Missouri's nurses should become actively involved, we offer two levels of membership and several payment options.

Full Membership (MONA/ANA)

This membership category includes membership and benefits for MONA and ANA.

MONA Only Membership (MONA only)

A lower-cost option, this membership category includes membership and benefits on a state only level with MONA. (State Individual Membership does not include ANA membership.)

Reduced or Special Dues

Discounted Full Membership dues (50-75% discount) may be available to members who meet the following criteria:

Reduced Full Membership Dues (50% discount)

  • not-currently employed
  • full-time student (MUST submit proof of registration of nine or more hours)
  • new graduate from basic nursing education program, within one year after graduation (first membership year only)
  • 62 years of age or over and employed part time

Special Full Membership Dues (75% discount)

  • 62 years of age or over and not currently employed
  • totally disabled

Payment Options

Membership dues can be paid on an annual or monthly basis.

Dues Tax Deduction

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 requires MONA to notify members that the percentage of MONA/ANA dues which is allocated to lobbying expenses is not deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense for federal income tax purposes. MONA estimates that the nondeductible portion of the 2015 MONA/ANA dues which can be allocated to lobbying expense is 25%.


Payment Options Full Reduced Full Special Full

New Member


Annual $314.00 $157.00 $78.50 $173.75 $210.25
Monthly $26.67 $13.58 $7.05 $14.98 $18.02

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