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The Missouri Nurses Association Board of Directors is composed of five officers elected by the members (President, VP of Advocacy, VP of Communication, VP of Finance, and Education Director) and the Member Services Director, who is elected from among the seven elected Regional Chairs.


The Missouri Nurses Association's mission: To promote, protect and enhance registered professional nursing practice through advocacy, education, collaboration and partnership. We must continue to move forward advancing the practice of nursing from direct care, to advanced practice and administration as recommended by the Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing Report. We can accomplish our goals through quality, organizational leadership, commitment to our mission from nurses across the state and through collaboration with our partner organizations. Having served on the Missouri Nurses Association Board of Directors the past eight (8) years, I have seen firsthand the obstacles the Association faces related to the legislative process, nursing practice and operations. I have witnessed the collaboration, teamwork of nurses and other healthcare professionals across the state to manage each obstacle that comes our way. As your President I will continue to advance the association's mission. I appreciate your support and the opportunity to serve as your President.


"I am seeking the position of VP for Advocacy to take this relatively new Missouri Nurses Association board position to the next level. The transformative changes at the association have strengthened our advocacy and positioned us for greater influence in professional and public arenas. We must build coalitions, within nursing and with others, to assure that patients benefit fully from the contributions of staff nurses by advocating for such issues as adequate staffing and safe patient handling, and we must assure that patients can benefit from access to APRN providers with full practice authority. Nurses must be “at the table” so nursing care and nurses are valued and rewarded for the essential role provided in society. I am seeking the opportunity to lead the Missouri Nurses Association's efforts to affect the preferred future we seek: one in which the influence of RNs and APRNs is fully valued, from the point of care to the board room."


I am a bedside nurse and seasoned communication specialist dedicated to public service, advocacy for the needs of nurses, and nurse-led initiatives to improve and promote the health of Missourians. In my short tenure as the Vice President of Communications for the Missouri Nurses Association, I developed the first-ever comprehensive communication plan for the organization that ensures regular and timely communication to advance, strengthen, and promote public awareness and support for nursing. I am committed to fair and balanced messaging that protects the interests of registered nurses in our state.


"I am committed to a financially strong and stable Missouri Nurses Association which is best situated to serve and represent its membership. Over the last 15 to 20 years, there have been ups and downs regarding the association's fiscal status. Currently, the organization is in a strong financial position and I will work to insure that the Missouri Nurses Association continues to be fiscally sound. Many factors influence the fiscal status of the Missouri Nurses Association with membership being primary along with marketing and grant opportunities. In regard to these influences, I will work with the Missouri Nurses Association board, finance committee and staff to optimize every potential opportunity to enhance the association's financial position. My prior experience as a Missouri Nurses Association board member and finance committee member along with my accounting degree prepare me for and give me insight into the challenges and opportunities of serving as the Missouri Nurses Association's vice president of finance."


"One of the most pressing issues facing nursing is reducing barriers to practice, not only for advanced practice nurses but bedside nurses. Patient care coordination is dependent on the nurse and his/her expertise. The skill required for this demands the autonomy of the nurse be increased. Nurses need to be able to act and authorize the services needed by patients. This is particularly true when support services are needed in the home. Nursing does the best job of assessing the functional abilities and discharge needs. Some aspects of the affordable care act address this as well as the IOM report. the Missouri Nurses Association is in a unique position to advocate for Missouri nurses with the legislative process to improve nursing practice in the state. They have worked diligently to cultivate resources and connections that can assist nurses to increase autonomy and remove barriers to practice. I want to serve to assist in this valuable work. It will take all nurses working together to advance the profession in the State of Missouri."

EDUCATION DIRECTOR - Ruth Yunker RN, MA, MSN, EDSPEC. Doctoral Candidate

"This is a time of great change throughout the health care system. Nurses are increasingly called upon to shoulder greater responsibility and do more with less. As the largest group of health care providers, registered nurses have a major role in promoting the health and well-being of America’s people. In doing so, they face many challenges including keeping abreast of new technology and medical advances. In addition, increased immigration and migration have resulted in a highly diverse society with thirty percent of the nation’s residents belonging to ethnic and minority groups. The 2013 Healthcare Disparities Report reveals that members of these groups, along with the poor, experience increased morbidity and mortality rates in comparison to the white population.

These are just a few examples of the challenges facing today’s nurses. In order to respond to these and other challenges requires continuing education. Nurses must be able to change their practice based on the most accurate and up-to-date information as it becomes available. In this way we become active agents in promoting quality health care for all."


"I want to serve in the elected position of practice director to continue the work of the Practice Committee, to develop new strategies for the practice of nursing and to forge partnerships with nurses and groups who are influential in strengthening the practice of nursing whether it be at the direct practice level or the advance practice level. The practice of nursing must be recognized for its ability to provide safe, documented care in any setting by the direct care nurse or the advance practice nurse level. The practice director must constantly scan the environment to determine how rules & regulations of others might influence, alter, limit or compete with nurses and nursing care. The practice director must be able to articulate the practice of nursing in an understandable and reliable way to influence the development of a health care system where direct care and advance practice nurses are considered experts in their field to provide direction for this much needed work."

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